Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Operate the brain..

Salamullah 'alaikum..

Dear friends. How are you? I hope all of us are in our best state of health. I really don't know what to do right now since I've just ceased studying. Perhaps this'll be the longest holiday I'll ever meet. Can you share the sadness I've been feeling after being expelled by the college? The college doesn't need me any longer. I've to say farewell to my friends and teachers though I don't really want to. It's suffocating in here. But I guess things just can't change and it's natural selection to be chased out of college in a polite way-graduation. hehe. This also means that my next destination is UK. InsyaAllah.

In this session, I want to say few perspectives of mine. This is a true story. It's indeed a simple issue that anyone could follow and think logically. Nevertheless, simplicity kills the mind. People just don't find way to deal with simplicity when they're used to complexity. This is a story of me. And several of my friends. It involves both sexes. It may touch the boundary of love and relationship. But that might not be discussed in here. I'm talking about how the eyes see and perceive accordingly when fallacy in judging surpassed the power of knowledge.

As a starting point, I'd loved to quote a hadith. Yes! Evidence ranks no 1 in anything. Everyone knows that. Hadith Sahih is more than enough to witness the truth right? And so it goes :

"Sesungguhnya seseorang itu akan mengerjakan sesuatu dari amalan penghuni syurga sehingga jaraknya antara amalan itu dengan syurga hanyalah sehasta, lalu dia didahului oleh ketetapannya, lalu dia mengerjakan sesuatu amalan dari penghuni ahli neraka, maka dia pun memasuki neraka itu" hadith riwayat Bukhari.

"Sesungguhnya seseorang itu akan mengerjakan sesuatu dari amalan penghuni neraka, padahal dia tergolong dalam penghuni syurga. dan seseorang yang lain akan mengerjakan sesuatu amalan ahli syurga, padahal dia tergolong penghuni neraka. Dan sesungguhnya amalan itu dikira yang terkahir daripadanya." Riwayat Bukhari.

Firstly, I am sorry because there are no arabic version of the hadith due to my weakness in typing them in arabic. But I assure you that both hadiths can be found in the book of 'dosa-dosa besar' by Imam Az-Zahabi.

The meaning of the hadith may give you a cue about what I'm going to talk about. All of us want the best in life. Good mate, good children, good life, good knowledge, good upbringing, good reputation, good status and every goodness you can mention. It's been a norm to hear that religious parents want their sons to marry 'solehah' wives. On the contrary, the rich wants his child to marry a mate from a family of quite equal status as he possesses regardless of his or her religious and righteous belief. This segregation is blatant. Anyone from any tribe can sense this.

I personally think that everyone should be given equal chance of being treated. Yes, I do have many friends of different background. Since I was a kid, I befriend with good ones. When I say good, it automatically refers to good islamic practice and knowledge. Even in school, my friends also understood islam and practice it as their way of life. However, when I stepped into the college, I met real people from different spectrum of origins. Believe me they really don't even know how to recite doa, the simplest form of mukmin guardian.

Religious peers continued to glance at those who weren't brought up by their parents in islamic way as parasites. While at the same time, these so-called 'parasites' prefer to mix with themselves rather than finding common point between both groups.

I myself do have a perspective. While our parents want the best for us, only Allah knows what is the 'best'. Is the 'best' simply marrying a girl with tudung whom resembles a good muslimah? Theoretically, as being taught since our childhood, yes it may seem true. Let's modify some of the parameters to see whether the theory fits the real world situation. How if our future wife-to-be lack in the knowledge about islam? And we know the fact that her family didn't nourish her well in islamic culture. Now comes the big question. Can a good muslim marry this kind of lovely and kind-hearted lady who actually has the very slightest tendency to embrace real islam? Tendency is a form of possibility. Can a possibility turn into probability? Of course yes! Good minds always grasp positive side.

I believe my own parents won't simply allow me to marry such a girl. However, let's look back at what the hadith says. No matter how good we are in life, the importang thing is what we are in the end. The same applies to this situation. No matter how bad and evil we were in our past, Allah is still forgiving and hidayah is His. Who are we to judge who are 'ahli syurga' and who are 'ahli neraka'. This is too feeble to speculate and spectate. It's god's will. Let's stop branding people. Stop doing the sins of grabbing Allah's right to locate His slaves whether in hell or heaven. I'm afraid that this small attitude of ours will swallow all the good deeds we did throughout the life.

Dear friends. Let's change. We all did commit sins either big or small. The point is we still did. Let's stop isolating the 'parasites'. Stop this ever entangling chain of customary on our neck. It's time to start. Start giving people hope. Hope to join the goods. Hope to hop into the heaven. Hope to hope for blessings and forgiveness. May Allah give us strength to lead and may Allah open up their hearts to be led.


Sunday, February 14, 2010

2010 updates....

Salam dear readers....

I'm not sure whether there are still followers of this blog since it has been abandoned for at least half a year. wow!!! but today, I feel like posting something. actually, I haven't had my bath yet and the time now is 12.30. but, it's just me that can't do anything else if my head as if is about to blow with words and tragedies. Wahhh, this blog seems to be rusty. Is it still alive?? helllooo.. ohhh, it still barks.. bark?? a dog barks.. whatever.. hmm, perhaps it's better for me to introduce slight changes to my way of writing, isn't it? let's make this blog simpler yet vibrant with colourful stories and sharing. :)

yesterday, my mom asked us, the whole family to attend a forum by Dr Asri. it is not an obligation actually. but that custom of attending any beneficial talk has oozed in the whole community of Taman Melewar especially. can u imagine in one day, my parents go to an average of two religious talks!!! (I'm not included..) the neighbourhood here seems to be lost in ecstacy of finding knowledge and knowledge everyday. everyone is talking about this sunnah, that hadith, this ibadah and that JAIS. opss.. what an ideal society I wish to live in! oh oh.. this story deviates too much..

back to dr asri forum.
upon reaching there, we were quite puzzled. everyone looks like politicians, dato and datin, and any kind of superior figure U can name. "does this looks like there will be a religious forum here?", a famous question appears. I can barely see women with scarf, yet most of the men wore songkok. marriage ceremony?? my mom confirmed the event and the venue by asking one of the datin-look-alike. she replied yes! oh, we then just entered the hall. waiting for about half an hour, then Dr Asri arrived. but there was no announcement made regarding his coming. the tragedy doesn't come yet!

the man of the ceremony still didn't show up but the forum started as planned on time. once the forum was about to start, I look around. the majority of the audience was women! and makcik-makcik corporate I guess. I skimmed through the pamphlets and the books given. haha. the title of the forum was 'peranan wanita wirawati wiranita and apebenda tah dalam perjuangan menegakkan.....ntah..agama bangsa kot'. for one thing I was sure, there was a book entitled 1 Malaysia given along. oooooo. political talk?? hmm, I mustered a dissatisfaction. and I texted Haqq.. (Haqq likes politic..haha).. but wait! the amusement hasn't started yet. I intrigued to listen to how Dr Asri would respond and elaborate the title. and it wasn't definitely a forum!! Dr Asri was the only panel.

15 minutes..
girls and women...stories about aisyah and so on..

30 minutes..
women roles...

1 hour..
I didn't fall asleep!! What a magic!! :) Dr Asri was so great in delivering his thoughts. I didn't expect that much from him but it turned out well. In my sight, I might say that the event was a part of UMNO programs. though, Dr Asri presence appeared to dominate the air by making the event neutral and free from any political spectrum. That was fun. I hate politics. :)

oh, I forgot to tell about the tragedy. it is also a sunnah. a coincidence perhaps to practice what the Melewar and other muslim communities have been learning through all this time. when the honoured man arrive in the middle of the forum, quite half of the audiences rose as a token of respect. I was quite panicked and doubtful whether to join the half or remained seated. I did learn that we, muslims can't rise when honourable figures arrive as a respect because human are all the same. the utmost respect is solely for Allah. but it was a relief because the strength of the audiences is balanced by the other half remained seated. huhu. Sunnah survived. the honoured man shook the hands of my father who sat in the corner of the row while my father was still sitting!! Don't u think that u'll be imprisoned if u were in the historical times like what had happened to ibnu taimiyah, imam malik and so on just to defend the truth and fact??? waahhhh... the world is crawling from its darkness I guess... :)

One more thing, during the forum, there was a chinese muslim asking about the infringement of power and roles by ulama' rather than politicians in running the country. Dr asri simply replied that there are 3 kinds of ulama' : 1)those who always praise what politicians do 2)those who always critics what leaders do 3)those who think forward and assist umara' in managing the citizens and provide them with advices and knowledge. :) He also suggested that UMNO should create an ulama' body consisting of the latter kind of ulama' who think forward critically in order to strengthen its organisation. His principle of advocating the people to choose ulama' not basing on 'colours of party' but their mind, was really inspiring and solid. cool !!! will there be the time when I can be such resolute and determined in sticking to the truth?. I wonder.......

This sharing is too long I guess but I just can't stop this hand from pouring what has been swirling around my head since yesterday. next time, I may tell shorter version of story that is not too lengthy and elaborated. thanks for reading and don't forget to smile today!!! :)

'one smile is a sadaqah'


Saturday, July 4, 2009

My bad.......

Assalam is one of my preferred word because Jibril used to send his regard to Aisyah through Muhammad S.A.W, our prophet with the word: "Assalam". Therefore once again,

Assalam dear readers,

Actually, I'm aware that this blog has been over-excessively too inactive and unresponsive at all since the last sem. I always wished that I would stop by to drop something here by no time but it seemed to be unreal somehow since I was extremely lazy back then. So lazy and sluggish to write what spinned about in my head and keep waiting for virtual spell-it-out machine which could write for me-none till now thank god. WOW! I'd turned into a lazy maniac now who keept wishing that the time would stop even for a couple of blinking giving him some space to rest-crazy me. Being drowsy lazy SNORLEX for this recent entire sem really makes me looked very appalling. I'm currently feeling like deriding myself in front of the mirror. I hope I'll find no mirror by the time I successfully post this rubbish sheet-at least there's a rubbish to drop by would be o.k. right? :)

I'd gained lots of events to share indeed. But I just had too much to tell and so I anticipated it to be too lengthy then that I decided not to post at all. Huhu. But tonight at 2.23 a.m, apparently I don't have anything meaningful to post, yet getting extra energy out of nowhere forcing these fingers to keep fiddling about this keypad. Oh, I looked so pathetic perhaps this time but still I want to share tonight experience of reading through an atheist's freethinking idea via his own secretly established website-it was hoped that none of his family members would be able to find it yet got revealed anyhow after a quite long time being locked in the safety box.

I'm still shocked with his revealing testimony about his momentous fight for his right to choose whether to believe in Allah(whom he used to pray to since his childhood yet got deviated somehow at an unpredicted turning point in his life) or not, in a way that he still respects other muslim's and other religion believers' practices but desperately seeking his own right and perspective to be accepted and respected. Nauzubillahiminzalik.

I'm not sure whether his path was too feeble to reach the truth or too massively endowed with knowledges and theories that caused him to make the decision to turn away from Islam in the end. In my view, his arguments were too solid to be blunted while our friends' one were quite shallow to surpass his absolute killing principle-which he believes in no god that we used to believe in and that makes our god ordains were strictly too far to be accepted by him. It's just all about agnostic and atheism which we'd always prayed to be saved from before,now and forever. InsyaAllah.

It's not his issue that I want to highlight but just look at how had he emboldened me-indirectly-to post something tonight. It's a miracle-a fabulous one to get me writing again. Maybe some of the readers here had lost his/her interest in following this blog series and I'm not forcing anyone to read though, but it's just something I'd liked everyone to know that it's not an easy task to write for we're responsible on each and every single post we made throughout this life. These will also be the evidence to drag us head over heels to hell if we're denying the truth and thrusting forward empty shits as a menu to serve the taste of the readers.

Being aware of how well presented our 'enemies'* pieces of very promising good-for-nothing ideas and just how good they were at swinging about their ruthless swords of sharp wordy thoughts, I would feel ashamed of myself for not continually pouring on some gifted knowledges on this piece of space which could benefit my own brothers and sisters for the sake of a more real islamic-oriented understanding and approaches in da'awah.

*enemies-I choose this word because Allah used to warn us that Al-kafirin is 'aduwwallahi wa'aduwwakum in His holy Quran with the meaning that they(kuffar) are Allah's enemies and your(muslims') enemies too.

Jazakumullah for reading. Till then.


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The curious case of abandoned date....

Today, I am so happy.. I guess most of you will be exhilarated on your date day right?? Here goes the beautiful story of mine and please bear with it till the end..

As being planned, I woke up at 9.30 and did what should normal people do before going out. After putting my lens on, the bus suddenly appeared right in front of my gate (my house location is so strategic that even bus driver wants to pass by it). Wahhhhh!!! I hurried frantically without having my lens properly installed in my left eye. When I say wahhhhhh!!!!, it means I am screaming ok.

Oh, I forget to tell that this is a group date lead by our die hard dedicated and committed planner..(I don't want to mention him because his name is far too expensive that even this famous-to-be opportunity offered in my blog couldn't afford its price..=p)..Hmm, as usual, I came on time. When I say on time, it simply means the net time agreed after considering Malay Promise (Janji Melayu), one of our national notorious traditional culture..

Since story won't have an end, then I'll help you guys cutting all the unnecessary parts so that you will still be loyal in reading my date story..Sorry to say, unfortunately the group date was canceled at the very last minute while I was already right there in the center of the center of Mid Valley.

Yeay, it's good to see nobody there because I had my hair cut 15 minutes before and it turned out to be so awful..With this reason, I tried to persuade my heart not to cry. But my heart was just too fragile that I can't stand the pain anymore.. I threw my phone with all the strength left from last night supper and fiercely stepped on the planner's face picture-in the middle of the shoppers' path.. Just kidding la!

I gave some phone calls to my friends and 'partner' thanking them for not coming-sarcastisme..I was not mad and thought that I could just shop and do my stuff alone..But, I was still wondering why the plan had to be called off out of a sudden? Of course there was no other answer than the only absolute solid reply: sorry, I was overslept till the noon..sorry sorry.......

I was so disappointed with my partner (this is not true also! since I am the type that is not serious in relationship..=p).. I decided to purchase a lot of food to reduce this stress. People say that the stress can be passed on to the food when we eat so the division of stress could occur. Fail. I walked fastly to leave the stress behind. It still followed me. Fail. I tried to wrap the stress in the tissue and throw it into the dustbin. Fail. Suddenly,,,,,,,

I turned into a green incredible Haqq..ops Hulk and started a rampage destroying the South Court of the mall..

Wrong!!! The real story is: suddenly,,,,

My partner popped out of nowhere with a friend who is also a friend of mine giving me a big surprise..Can you imagine how I felt when the love we raised together finally proved that my doubt towards its existence along this while is totally unaccepted. We smiled to each other and did..........sorry, this part should be censored so that underaged won't perceive and imagine aimlessly..

The three of us then continued our day with a new smiling face on each of us..(we just don't live happily ever after la like in Cinderella story because we have to separate at last to get to our own home...don't watch too much fantasy ok!)

For your sake, I cordially put the pictures of my partner and friend that I used to spend my time with today....jeng3

~me and partner-a lame boy, but muhrim la~

~me and the super cute friend~

p/s : Love your true friends for the sake of Allah for they are the happiness that will cherish your life..=p

Monday, March 9, 2009

Miracle of late piggy and monkey.....

Assalamualaikum dear brothers and sisters. May God bless the readers of the truth who always spare the time finding the source of admonition to rekindle their spirit of jihad from time to time(I don’t include my writing as the ‘truth’ ok! It’s just my prayer for you…=p). It has been so long that this blog’s voice hasn’t been heard to deliver the messages. The one who is responsible for this abandonment is me myself who has been carried away by the spectrum of ignorance.

Oh, speaking about ignorance, I recalled one of our prophet’s hadith about the signs of the Dooms Day. For simplicity, since this was written at 1.12 am, let me just proceed with the general meaning of the content. Our Prophet Muhammad has portrayed part of the human in the end of the world age as to be like monkeys and pigs. This clearly has got nothing to do with the physical attributes of the mankind himself, but it merely resembles the depiction that was tried to be conveyed about their behaviours which they exhibit to the rest of the world community entirely.

Why have the words monkeys and pigs been choosen? Aren’t they too harsh and derisive towards the believers themselves? Wait! Who says our Prophet was talking about the believers? The promises which had been made by Allah and his Apostle about the goodness which will be received by the believers always remain as a guarantee that they will be safe hereafter. The depiction of those detested animals only constitutes those who are not choosing the already-existed way of life that is always being taught and reminded by the messenger in the Quran and his hadith.

Monkeys are always playful monkeys regardless how cute they are from your own personal view. Today, we are not trying to insult the monkey since it is one of the creature as well. However, their playful attribute is becoming our topic of discussion because this has diffused into the souls of us which cause Moslems to become an insulted community from the point of view of the non-believers. Yes, being teasers and joke breakers are not the main problem. Yet, during the session of critical and serious discussion of religious study, ceaseless efforts are tried to make the topic as a material to collapse others into convulsion. The seriousness that we lack in has severed and this will continually weaken us and surely tarnish the sacred image of this lovely ad-din bit by bit.

Is there any of you who rear pigs? Of course no one will raise his hand for sure because none of their parents would get the source of income from selling those pinkish animals. At least, for one thing that we could realize is pigs are the epitome of ignorance. If you walk across their group, each will just neglect your presence unless you deliberately bully them, then just don’t hope for a second life chance free from pigs ok!

Hmm, what is obvious nowadays is that people don’t seem to have a keen on the global crisis that seize our neighbouring countries, Palestine, Iraq, Acheh and others which their citizens suffocate every single moment hoping for the miraculous helping hand from their own relatives of Islam. While we are complaining about the trivial matters and wasting as many as we can, they are equipped with tears and blood waiting and praying for the return which no one would know how long would it need to reach them. Although donations and collections are claimed to be given from vast branches, they're still not enough to wipe their bloodshed away from their own piece of land which they are protecting for from yahudi laknatullah. We won't feel their misery until we taste by our own tongue the sweat and blood of jihad against the enemy of God.

Oppsss, too long la my friend. Actually, I just plan to write a brief piece tonight, but for no reason would I realize that this has dragged so much. Anyhow, I hope that this single piece about a very simple advice will become a mirror for us to reflect ourselves. My ignorance to this medium of daawah reminded me back about a long time ago kuliah which I heard about the hadith of depicting the late ummah as pigs and monkeys. Whether the hadith is genuine or not, would be my pleasure to confirm it back later, but for one thing that we can take is that the reality which lies within this message is undeniable. So, think about it dear ulil albab.

Wassalam and jazakallahu khoir.....

Monday, November 24, 2008

Final destination....

Yesterday, as usual, that evening I went to the mosque to perform asar prayer. Everything seemed to be normal but I sensed the atmosphere had changed a bit. The what is vague that I couldn't figure it out very well. After completing my responsibility, my eyes were driven towards the notice board that it said there would be a yaasin recitation held by a citizen that day. I was intrigued whether the host is going to Mecca for going on a pilgrimage or maybe it was an invitation to a feast.

This morning, I followed my father to the mosque again for subh prayer. Usually, I find it's quite hard to wake up early but recently, I guess a spirit has been given a privilege to have a sovereign on me that I even follow my dad to perform subh prayer at the mosque. It was peculiar that there were more than five lines of people bowing down and prostrating together to Allah. The air was really different from before. Is that too long that I hadn't return to home or is it just me who thought too much. 

Normally, dad leaves the mosque early once completing the task because he has to go for work afterwards. I waited at the parking site on our motorcycle. Several minutes later, everyone was passing through the gate one by one but I couldn't even see my dad's shadow. Weirdly, the Jamaah was heading towards a house. Not to be watched waiting for nothing, I just followed the stream. I heard many shapeless sound and I couldn't focus on what they are talking about. Upon reaching the house, I finally got the idea from some whispering sound that I eavesdropped. It was striking me to hear that Haji Hashim was dead last night.

At its house, everyone searched for a place to sit and was ready to recite yaasin for the deceased.  Here I found my dad and we sat together. Yaasin recitation was led by an imam but I was hesitant whether to recite it or not. I have learnt before that the recitation would not reach the deceased and I was quite sure that the knowledge I possessed was from believable sources. I observed my dad's mouth continually saying something but I was sure that it was not yaasin. Between culture and knowledge, I hardly chose just to recite some good prayers for the dead while reminding myself about the death. (Refer to 'Fathul Bari' book written by al-imam ibnu hajar al-asqalani or many other great books by our prominent and respectful imams about this topic for further information)

The good deed of an Adam's son is cut off except for three things:
1.His prolonged sadaqah that is left behind
2.Prayers by GOOD sons and daughters
3.The useful knowledge that was shared along his life

To my friends, yes, theoretically we can say that we have 40 to 50 years more left to get prepared to return to the sole Allah. However, always remember that time is also a creation of the God that it will somehow be perished out of our knowledge. Today, we may have a personal driver bringing us in a big car but tomorrow we might have the 'drivers of Allah' carrying us in a big coffin heading for the cemetery. Today, we might want others to follow our direction but tomorrow we may end up being directed towards the only path which is a new and only eternal life.

Allah is fair and just that He grants us with chances to choose. The chances are scattered all along our avenue but due to our blinded eyes, deafened ears and stupefied heart, we rarely want to pick the chances up NOW. When the time has came, then it will be a sign that the room to choose is no longer exist and we won't find the returning way back forever and ever. Remember that death is the next destination! Whether we want to move straight or backward, death will still await for us to step on it. 


Saturday, October 11, 2008

Who Am I Today???

Today, I am a perfect timer. I wake up at four. I revise endless notes by the economics teacher and do various patterns of maths questions. I go to classes on time and remind the teachers when they have gone over the period. I make great rate of steps when jumping from one class to another making full use of the 5 minutes interval. I also allocate my time for hanging out with friends and doing sports so as to soothe this tired mind after a long way of studying. I manage my nap properly in order to regain the spirit after awakened back to normal. I am very rigid about time and hardly persuaded to waste my time restlessly. I think my schedule would cost a million dollars or at least I may win the nobel prize for the most efficient man. Because of this, when a friend asks me to the mosque with him, I simply reply “emm...it would take LESS TIME if we just perform the prayers alone in our ROOM, wouldn't it??”

Today, I am a genius mathematician. I complete my 30 questions homework with very organised and explicit steps in just 15 minutes and get all of them right. I help my friend dealing with hard calculations in an instance. I sometimes lead my teachers who have gone astray when solving complicated calculations back to the correct one. I don't need calculator to solve large numbers multiplication and division task. I apply statistics in making decision related to probabilities. I become the focus of every vantage point because of this wits. However, I neither COUNT HOW MUCH SINS that I've done today nor assess my own self before sleep to become a better person tomorrow.

Today, I am a good companion. I ask my best friend to accompany me asking the teachers about lessons that I'm not really clear about. I like to borrow the money from my best friend and promise to pay him back later. I always force my best friend to go along with me to the cafe when I myself am hungry. I always win when we are having a debate or discussion about something. For most of the time, I always get the chance to use my best friend's book when both of our needs arise simultaneously. My best friend always become the place of referral when I'm having a problem or anger to release on, and he always come out with a satisfying solution. My best friend never hate me even though I always impose of his kindness and badger him in some way that I myself detest if I were in his shoe. But today, when my own best friend tries to save me from swerving into wrong path by giving me advices, I undoubtedly say “WHO ARE YOU TO TELL ME WHAT IS RIGHT AND WHAT IS WRONG??”

Today, I am a noble man. I pray in congregation 5 times a day. I have a vast knowledge of religious issue and matters for I have read various reference books written by prominent great ulama'. I constantly fast every Monday and Thursday without even a miss. I'm always present in many admonition-giving events about the authentic way of life. When I see a man in need, without any further ado I lend him my hand up to what I am capable of. I always protect my aurah and don't wear unnecessary or too flamboyant garments in front of the public. I always remember in my head to preserve the way I behave and socialize with the same or different gender as me. However, when I encounter my own brother in Islam who is committing the wrong because of the lack in exposure about this ad-deen he got, I always feel that I am GOOD ENOUGH to be a moslem. (For our information, Ibnu Qayyim had said in his book entitled 'Talbis Iblis' (the bind of Satan), “for those who feel comfortable with his good deeds or think that they are good enough as they have done countless of god's order, actually they don't realize that they have been bound by the malevolent Satan”.)

Today, let's judge ourself whether the 'I' has seeped into our soul or not because sometimes we are not really conscious about what is happening to our own body. To oppose from being one of 'I' members, we need an enormous energy that can fence us from its danger. One way of achieving this energy is to move in a group (or so-called JAMAAH) consisting of highly alert members who can continually grab us back from falling into the trap of Satan. Jamaah is very important as it will become a strong reinforced barriers to us against myriad of challenges. The choice of becoming what we want lies in our hand, thus use this hand correctly to change today and the subsequent remaining days.

For this moment, I think this is quite enough to compensate back the days I've been abandoned this blog. Before I finish off, since we're still in this Raya month, I want to recommend a business of zero advance but with an infinity yield. I call it plan 1+6 which is better than celcom family plan 1+3. It is about to add on another 6 days of fasting in this Syawal after 1 month of challenging Ramadhan. InsyaAllah the payback will become uncountable with a condition that we perform it sincerely to the sole Allah. There is no better business other than business of Allah. Wassalam.