Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Operate the brain..

Salamullah 'alaikum..

Dear friends. How are you? I hope all of us are in our best state of health. I really don't know what to do right now since I've just ceased studying. Perhaps this'll be the longest holiday I'll ever meet. Can you share the sadness I've been feeling after being expelled by the college? The college doesn't need me any longer. I've to say farewell to my friends and teachers though I don't really want to. It's suffocating in here. But I guess things just can't change and it's natural selection to be chased out of college in a polite way-graduation. hehe. This also means that my next destination is UK. InsyaAllah.

In this session, I want to say few perspectives of mine. This is a true story. It's indeed a simple issue that anyone could follow and think logically. Nevertheless, simplicity kills the mind. People just don't find way to deal with simplicity when they're used to complexity. This is a story of me. And several of my friends. It involves both sexes. It may touch the boundary of love and relationship. But that might not be discussed in here. I'm talking about how the eyes see and perceive accordingly when fallacy in judging surpassed the power of knowledge.

As a starting point, I'd loved to quote a hadith. Yes! Evidence ranks no 1 in anything. Everyone knows that. Hadith Sahih is more than enough to witness the truth right? And so it goes :

"Sesungguhnya seseorang itu akan mengerjakan sesuatu dari amalan penghuni syurga sehingga jaraknya antara amalan itu dengan syurga hanyalah sehasta, lalu dia didahului oleh ketetapannya, lalu dia mengerjakan sesuatu amalan dari penghuni ahli neraka, maka dia pun memasuki neraka itu" hadith riwayat Bukhari.

"Sesungguhnya seseorang itu akan mengerjakan sesuatu dari amalan penghuni neraka, padahal dia tergolong dalam penghuni syurga. dan seseorang yang lain akan mengerjakan sesuatu amalan ahli syurga, padahal dia tergolong penghuni neraka. Dan sesungguhnya amalan itu dikira yang terkahir daripadanya." Riwayat Bukhari.

Firstly, I am sorry because there are no arabic version of the hadith due to my weakness in typing them in arabic. But I assure you that both hadiths can be found in the book of 'dosa-dosa besar' by Imam Az-Zahabi.

The meaning of the hadith may give you a cue about what I'm going to talk about. All of us want the best in life. Good mate, good children, good life, good knowledge, good upbringing, good reputation, good status and every goodness you can mention. It's been a norm to hear that religious parents want their sons to marry 'solehah' wives. On the contrary, the rich wants his child to marry a mate from a family of quite equal status as he possesses regardless of his or her religious and righteous belief. This segregation is blatant. Anyone from any tribe can sense this.

I personally think that everyone should be given equal chance of being treated. Yes, I do have many friends of different background. Since I was a kid, I befriend with good ones. When I say good, it automatically refers to good islamic practice and knowledge. Even in school, my friends also understood islam and practice it as their way of life. However, when I stepped into the college, I met real people from different spectrum of origins. Believe me they really don't even know how to recite doa, the simplest form of mukmin guardian.

Religious peers continued to glance at those who weren't brought up by their parents in islamic way as parasites. While at the same time, these so-called 'parasites' prefer to mix with themselves rather than finding common point between both groups.

I myself do have a perspective. While our parents want the best for us, only Allah knows what is the 'best'. Is the 'best' simply marrying a girl with tudung whom resembles a good muslimah? Theoretically, as being taught since our childhood, yes it may seem true. Let's modify some of the parameters to see whether the theory fits the real world situation. How if our future wife-to-be lack in the knowledge about islam? And we know the fact that her family didn't nourish her well in islamic culture. Now comes the big question. Can a good muslim marry this kind of lovely and kind-hearted lady who actually has the very slightest tendency to embrace real islam? Tendency is a form of possibility. Can a possibility turn into probability? Of course yes! Good minds always grasp positive side.

I believe my own parents won't simply allow me to marry such a girl. However, let's look back at what the hadith says. No matter how good we are in life, the importang thing is what we are in the end. The same applies to this situation. No matter how bad and evil we were in our past, Allah is still forgiving and hidayah is His. Who are we to judge who are 'ahli syurga' and who are 'ahli neraka'. This is too feeble to speculate and spectate. It's god's will. Let's stop branding people. Stop doing the sins of grabbing Allah's right to locate His slaves whether in hell or heaven. I'm afraid that this small attitude of ours will swallow all the good deeds we did throughout the life.

Dear friends. Let's change. We all did commit sins either big or small. The point is we still did. Let's stop isolating the 'parasites'. Stop this ever entangling chain of customary on our neck. It's time to start. Start giving people hope. Hope to join the goods. Hope to hop into the heaven. Hope to hope for blessings and forgiveness. May Allah give us strength to lead and may Allah open up their hearts to be led.