Monday, November 24, 2008

Final destination....

Yesterday, as usual, that evening I went to the mosque to perform asar prayer. Everything seemed to be normal but I sensed the atmosphere had changed a bit. The what is vague that I couldn't figure it out very well. After completing my responsibility, my eyes were driven towards the notice board that it said there would be a yaasin recitation held by a citizen that day. I was intrigued whether the host is going to Mecca for going on a pilgrimage or maybe it was an invitation to a feast.

This morning, I followed my father to the mosque again for subh prayer. Usually, I find it's quite hard to wake up early but recently, I guess a spirit has been given a privilege to have a sovereign on me that I even follow my dad to perform subh prayer at the mosque. It was peculiar that there were more than five lines of people bowing down and prostrating together to Allah. The air was really different from before. Is that too long that I hadn't return to home or is it just me who thought too much. 

Normally, dad leaves the mosque early once completing the task because he has to go for work afterwards. I waited at the parking site on our motorcycle. Several minutes later, everyone was passing through the gate one by one but I couldn't even see my dad's shadow. Weirdly, the Jamaah was heading towards a house. Not to be watched waiting for nothing, I just followed the stream. I heard many shapeless sound and I couldn't focus on what they are talking about. Upon reaching the house, I finally got the idea from some whispering sound that I eavesdropped. It was striking me to hear that Haji Hashim was dead last night.

At its house, everyone searched for a place to sit and was ready to recite yaasin for the deceased.  Here I found my dad and we sat together. Yaasin recitation was led by an imam but I was hesitant whether to recite it or not. I have learnt before that the recitation would not reach the deceased and I was quite sure that the knowledge I possessed was from believable sources. I observed my dad's mouth continually saying something but I was sure that it was not yaasin. Between culture and knowledge, I hardly chose just to recite some good prayers for the dead while reminding myself about the death. (Refer to 'Fathul Bari' book written by al-imam ibnu hajar al-asqalani or many other great books by our prominent and respectful imams about this topic for further information)

The good deed of an Adam's son is cut off except for three things:
1.His prolonged sadaqah that is left behind
2.Prayers by GOOD sons and daughters
3.The useful knowledge that was shared along his life

To my friends, yes, theoretically we can say that we have 40 to 50 years more left to get prepared to return to the sole Allah. However, always remember that time is also a creation of the God that it will somehow be perished out of our knowledge. Today, we may have a personal driver bringing us in a big car but tomorrow we might have the 'drivers of Allah' carrying us in a big coffin heading for the cemetery. Today, we might want others to follow our direction but tomorrow we may end up being directed towards the only path which is a new and only eternal life.

Allah is fair and just that He grants us with chances to choose. The chances are scattered all along our avenue but due to our blinded eyes, deafened ears and stupefied heart, we rarely want to pick the chances up NOW. When the time has came, then it will be a sign that the room to choose is no longer exist and we won't find the returning way back forever and ever. Remember that death is the next destination! Whether we want to move straight or backward, death will still await for us to step on it.