Monday, November 24, 2008

Final destination....

Yesterday, as usual, that evening I went to the mosque to perform asar prayer. Everything seemed to be normal but I sensed the atmosphere had changed a bit. The what is vague that I couldn't figure it out very well. After completing my responsibility, my eyes were driven towards the notice board that it said there would be a yaasin recitation held by a citizen that day. I was intrigued whether the host is going to Mecca for going on a pilgrimage or maybe it was an invitation to a feast.

This morning, I followed my father to the mosque again for subh prayer. Usually, I find it's quite hard to wake up early but recently, I guess a spirit has been given a privilege to have a sovereign on me that I even follow my dad to perform subh prayer at the mosque. It was peculiar that there were more than five lines of people bowing down and prostrating together to Allah. The air was really different from before. Is that too long that I hadn't return to home or is it just me who thought too much. 

Normally, dad leaves the mosque early once completing the task because he has to go for work afterwards. I waited at the parking site on our motorcycle. Several minutes later, everyone was passing through the gate one by one but I couldn't even see my dad's shadow. Weirdly, the Jamaah was heading towards a house. Not to be watched waiting for nothing, I just followed the stream. I heard many shapeless sound and I couldn't focus on what they are talking about. Upon reaching the house, I finally got the idea from some whispering sound that I eavesdropped. It was striking me to hear that Haji Hashim was dead last night.

At its house, everyone searched for a place to sit and was ready to recite yaasin for the deceased.  Here I found my dad and we sat together. Yaasin recitation was led by an imam but I was hesitant whether to recite it or not. I have learnt before that the recitation would not reach the deceased and I was quite sure that the knowledge I possessed was from believable sources. I observed my dad's mouth continually saying something but I was sure that it was not yaasin. Between culture and knowledge, I hardly chose just to recite some good prayers for the dead while reminding myself about the death. (Refer to 'Fathul Bari' book written by al-imam ibnu hajar al-asqalani or many other great books by our prominent and respectful imams about this topic for further information)

The good deed of an Adam's son is cut off except for three things:
1.His prolonged sadaqah that is left behind
2.Prayers by GOOD sons and daughters
3.The useful knowledge that was shared along his life

To my friends, yes, theoretically we can say that we have 40 to 50 years more left to get prepared to return to the sole Allah. However, always remember that time is also a creation of the God that it will somehow be perished out of our knowledge. Today, we may have a personal driver bringing us in a big car but tomorrow we might have the 'drivers of Allah' carrying us in a big coffin heading for the cemetery. Today, we might want others to follow our direction but tomorrow we may end up being directed towards the only path which is a new and only eternal life.

Allah is fair and just that He grants us with chances to choose. The chances are scattered all along our avenue but due to our blinded eyes, deafened ears and stupefied heart, we rarely want to pick the chances up NOW. When the time has came, then it will be a sign that the room to choose is no longer exist and we won't find the returning way back forever and ever. Remember that death is the next destination! Whether we want to move straight or backward, death will still await for us to step on it. 


Saturday, October 11, 2008

Who Am I Today???

Today, I am a perfect timer. I wake up at four. I revise endless notes by the economics teacher and do various patterns of maths questions. I go to classes on time and remind the teachers when they have gone over the period. I make great rate of steps when jumping from one class to another making full use of the 5 minutes interval. I also allocate my time for hanging out with friends and doing sports so as to soothe this tired mind after a long way of studying. I manage my nap properly in order to regain the spirit after awakened back to normal. I am very rigid about time and hardly persuaded to waste my time restlessly. I think my schedule would cost a million dollars or at least I may win the nobel prize for the most efficient man. Because of this, when a friend asks me to the mosque with him, I simply reply “ would take LESS TIME if we just perform the prayers alone in our ROOM, wouldn't it??”

Today, I am a genius mathematician. I complete my 30 questions homework with very organised and explicit steps in just 15 minutes and get all of them right. I help my friend dealing with hard calculations in an instance. I sometimes lead my teachers who have gone astray when solving complicated calculations back to the correct one. I don't need calculator to solve large numbers multiplication and division task. I apply statistics in making decision related to probabilities. I become the focus of every vantage point because of this wits. However, I neither COUNT HOW MUCH SINS that I've done today nor assess my own self before sleep to become a better person tomorrow.

Today, I am a good companion. I ask my best friend to accompany me asking the teachers about lessons that I'm not really clear about. I like to borrow the money from my best friend and promise to pay him back later. I always force my best friend to go along with me to the cafe when I myself am hungry. I always win when we are having a debate or discussion about something. For most of the time, I always get the chance to use my best friend's book when both of our needs arise simultaneously. My best friend always become the place of referral when I'm having a problem or anger to release on, and he always come out with a satisfying solution. My best friend never hate me even though I always impose of his kindness and badger him in some way that I myself detest if I were in his shoe. But today, when my own best friend tries to save me from swerving into wrong path by giving me advices, I undoubtedly say “WHO ARE YOU TO TELL ME WHAT IS RIGHT AND WHAT IS WRONG??”

Today, I am a noble man. I pray in congregation 5 times a day. I have a vast knowledge of religious issue and matters for I have read various reference books written by prominent great ulama'. I constantly fast every Monday and Thursday without even a miss. I'm always present in many admonition-giving events about the authentic way of life. When I see a man in need, without any further ado I lend him my hand up to what I am capable of. I always protect my aurah and don't wear unnecessary or too flamboyant garments in front of the public. I always remember in my head to preserve the way I behave and socialize with the same or different gender as me. However, when I encounter my own brother in Islam who is committing the wrong because of the lack in exposure about this ad-deen he got, I always feel that I am GOOD ENOUGH to be a moslem. (For our information, Ibnu Qayyim had said in his book entitled 'Talbis Iblis' (the bind of Satan), “for those who feel comfortable with his good deeds or think that they are good enough as they have done countless of god's order, actually they don't realize that they have been bound by the malevolent Satan”.)

Today, let's judge ourself whether the 'I' has seeped into our soul or not because sometimes we are not really conscious about what is happening to our own body. To oppose from being one of 'I' members, we need an enormous energy that can fence us from its danger. One way of achieving this energy is to move in a group (or so-called JAMAAH) consisting of highly alert members who can continually grab us back from falling into the trap of Satan. Jamaah is very important as it will become a strong reinforced barriers to us against myriad of challenges. The choice of becoming what we want lies in our hand, thus use this hand correctly to change today and the subsequent remaining days.

For this moment, I think this is quite enough to compensate back the days I've been abandoned this blog. Before I finish off, since we're still in this Raya month, I want to recommend a business of zero advance but with an infinity yield. I call it plan 1+6 which is better than celcom family plan 1+3. It is about to add on another 6 days of fasting in this Syawal after 1 month of challenging Ramadhan. InsyaAllah the payback will become uncountable with a condition that we perform it sincerely to the sole Allah. There is no better business other than business of Allah. Wassalam.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Simple sense makes big winning....

Today is Friday. A complete week of my holiday has oozed away unconsciously. Time never stop running. Wind rarely stop blowing. Even a heavy big MPV just sometimes stall for a while waiting for the green light. Weirdly, my last week's behaviour seems not progressing at all. Perhaps it does move a bit-backwards. Everyday, my watch starts at 11. Once awakened, I never missed hoping that tomorrow would be no more eleven. But, tomorrow's still repeat today's as if there is a microchip that likes to store this unwanted memory.

I am a scholar. My duty is to learn anything required for me to get into an oversea university. My sponsor gave me a lot of money to buy books. I bought many as being told to. To make it short, if the library doesn't open, you can come over to my place-to read only, no borrowing is allowed. I did carry them miles away to this house for this holiday. Can u imagine the fatigue costs me a day sleep. However, up to this moment, I never touch them. Oh no no. I remember touching them once-my mother asked me to move them away from her sight during cleaning the house. Maybe this is their fate that their presence is being ignored. Even my cats-I mean stinky cats whom their shit can be seen sticking to their tails-get the love and touch from me. Books must now envy of cats. Argghh...whatever. Still, I hate this part of mine. Really hate.

This afternoon, I went to the mosque for Jumaat prayer by foot-not as usual where I normally ride my motorbike. The sun was very merciful and nice today-maybe because tonight will be the 27th night of ramadhan-that it didn't shine so brightly. Alhamdulillah. Though, I still felt sad because nobody wanted to offer me a free ride. In my heart, I prayed that a friend would pass by so that I you know. From the smallest Kancil to the biggest van, no one was willing to lend me a seat. I could still recall a van owned by my neighbour-he didn't look at me at all. Huh. Did I, a teen moslem who wore a pant and t-shirt(not tight OK), look really bad to be trusted?? Maybe because the man didn't recognize me. I continued walking. Just after 5 meters journey, his van broke down. In the bad side of mine, I wanted to laugh actually. No lah. Just kidding. I slowed down my pace, intending to do a favour. He didn't even give a glance on me. Huh. I just headed to the mosque. Bye2 old man!!! This is what we called 'neighbourood'.

Anyway, there was still a good heart that I found. Just 1 minute away from the mosque, a man stopped by and offered me to get into his car. Actually, the dome could be seen clearly from that place, but for giving him a chance of doing good deed, I just hopped into his MPV. That's the end of Jumaat story-not at all actually, because during the way back, I succeeded completing the whole track using this feet. Sob3. Anyhow, still thanks to Allah for this irreplaceable foot and nice weather.

From this nonsense story, I just want to emphasize on a merely simple thing. During this ramadhan, tonnes of moslem formally want to top their iman up by giving alms to the poor or slipping the coins into the money box. This is basically called 'sadaqah'. However, they don't realize that they can actually give 'sadaqah' by just performing simplest good deed of giving free ride to the walkers who are heading for a good place. Isn't it what had been taught by our Prophet??

Wallahua'lam, may this simple sharing benefits us in order to become a better ummah. The key that distinguishes between men is the knowledge. However, amongst the knowledgeables, the only absolute difference lies in how much they utilize their knowledge to benefit their own selves to the fullest. Wassalam.

p/s : Dear beloved readers, don't forget to give simple 'sadaqah' by feeding this blog again with your comments and spreading it to the nearest friends of yours.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A life has just began....

 Last year, I started to know about blogging from a friend of mine. Blogging is a world where anyone can live on without any limitation and hesitation to write, give opinion, share knowledge, post criticism, outline objection and even making boundless jokes and pranks. I could see others' smiles, sorrow, happiness, anger and thousands of feelings and emotions running through their lines of words. Since then, i realized why people do blogging and keep it up-to-date from time to time for it resembles the satisfaction of spurting their own hidden shouts which could only echo deep through their heart. 

Last month, I did ask my peers to teach me how to start blogging since I am not used to this modern tool. This intention born after reading countless of deep-touching creative pieces of writing. I personally do hate writing, but I come to realize that blogging is totally a distinct alternative way of relieving what are trapped in ourselves which make our life mundane and far from serene livelihood. However, no one shows up to help me settle with this. Everyday, I get into without any improvement. I didn't even remember my passwords for it had been too long that I didn't visit my own page. I became discouraged to continue with this crappy things. My will to do blogging faded away as light went off that night. 

Last week, I continued my life as usual. But i didn't think that my day improved to become better than yesterday. Everyday I feel the same thing going on and on. Just like days,weeks and months before, I still read others blogs and still impressed by the way they managed to present their pieces effectively. I was emboldened after reading about da'wah islamiyah and seeing the real lives of moslems all around the world. I laughed after reading some crazy blogs blabbering about nonsense trivial matters. My eyes opened wide after reading today's political issues which complicate the whole process of countries' development. Suddenly, I felt a pat on my shoulder coming from a friend who was doubting what intrigued me since awhile ago. That was the starting point of a new change. The meaningful pat of hope enlightened my spirit back to write. I know that I was meant to write someday. I will write. Writing a magic piece that millions will read momentarily.

Today, I get the pen. I can now write freely. My blog is already existed. Men live on food. Cars live on fuel. Plants live on sunlight. This blog??Of course this blog lives on your commitment to read. This blog has now became a living tool once I post this. This means that it needs to survive once have been given a life. So, your reading is his food. Your comments will cherish him deeply. Your click on this page really means a lot for him to be awakened from a long sleep. Dear new visiting readers, do support him by giving your full commitment and enthusiasm by treasuring him daily. 

Now, I want to publish this post. I have now became a new young blogger. Can I commit writing more after this?? InsyaAllah, I will if I still can benefit this finger executing more good deeds and sharing more useful thoughts. My apology if this first shootout lacks in many variant essence. I hope that I can write a more sensible piece tomorrow and so on. That's all for now. Barakallah fiik. Wassalam