Saturday, October 11, 2008

Who Am I Today???

Today, I am a perfect timer. I wake up at four. I revise endless notes by the economics teacher and do various patterns of maths questions. I go to classes on time and remind the teachers when they have gone over the period. I make great rate of steps when jumping from one class to another making full use of the 5 minutes interval. I also allocate my time for hanging out with friends and doing sports so as to soothe this tired mind after a long way of studying. I manage my nap properly in order to regain the spirit after awakened back to normal. I am very rigid about time and hardly persuaded to waste my time restlessly. I think my schedule would cost a million dollars or at least I may win the nobel prize for the most efficient man. Because of this, when a friend asks me to the mosque with him, I simply reply “ would take LESS TIME if we just perform the prayers alone in our ROOM, wouldn't it??”

Today, I am a genius mathematician. I complete my 30 questions homework with very organised and explicit steps in just 15 minutes and get all of them right. I help my friend dealing with hard calculations in an instance. I sometimes lead my teachers who have gone astray when solving complicated calculations back to the correct one. I don't need calculator to solve large numbers multiplication and division task. I apply statistics in making decision related to probabilities. I become the focus of every vantage point because of this wits. However, I neither COUNT HOW MUCH SINS that I've done today nor assess my own self before sleep to become a better person tomorrow.

Today, I am a good companion. I ask my best friend to accompany me asking the teachers about lessons that I'm not really clear about. I like to borrow the money from my best friend and promise to pay him back later. I always force my best friend to go along with me to the cafe when I myself am hungry. I always win when we are having a debate or discussion about something. For most of the time, I always get the chance to use my best friend's book when both of our needs arise simultaneously. My best friend always become the place of referral when I'm having a problem or anger to release on, and he always come out with a satisfying solution. My best friend never hate me even though I always impose of his kindness and badger him in some way that I myself detest if I were in his shoe. But today, when my own best friend tries to save me from swerving into wrong path by giving me advices, I undoubtedly say “WHO ARE YOU TO TELL ME WHAT IS RIGHT AND WHAT IS WRONG??”

Today, I am a noble man. I pray in congregation 5 times a day. I have a vast knowledge of religious issue and matters for I have read various reference books written by prominent great ulama'. I constantly fast every Monday and Thursday without even a miss. I'm always present in many admonition-giving events about the authentic way of life. When I see a man in need, without any further ado I lend him my hand up to what I am capable of. I always protect my aurah and don't wear unnecessary or too flamboyant garments in front of the public. I always remember in my head to preserve the way I behave and socialize with the same or different gender as me. However, when I encounter my own brother in Islam who is committing the wrong because of the lack in exposure about this ad-deen he got, I always feel that I am GOOD ENOUGH to be a moslem. (For our information, Ibnu Qayyim had said in his book entitled 'Talbis Iblis' (the bind of Satan), “for those who feel comfortable with his good deeds or think that they are good enough as they have done countless of god's order, actually they don't realize that they have been bound by the malevolent Satan”.)

Today, let's judge ourself whether the 'I' has seeped into our soul or not because sometimes we are not really conscious about what is happening to our own body. To oppose from being one of 'I' members, we need an enormous energy that can fence us from its danger. One way of achieving this energy is to move in a group (or so-called JAMAAH) consisting of highly alert members who can continually grab us back from falling into the trap of Satan. Jamaah is very important as it will become a strong reinforced barriers to us against myriad of challenges. The choice of becoming what we want lies in our hand, thus use this hand correctly to change today and the subsequent remaining days.

For this moment, I think this is quite enough to compensate back the days I've been abandoned this blog. Before I finish off, since we're still in this Raya month, I want to recommend a business of zero advance but with an infinity yield. I call it plan 1+6 which is better than celcom family plan 1+3. It is about to add on another 6 days of fasting in this Syawal after 1 month of challenging Ramadhan. InsyaAllah the payback will become uncountable with a condition that we perform it sincerely to the sole Allah. There is no better business other than business of Allah. Wassalam.


Lili said...

panjang la post hang.... tapi bagus2... plan 6+1 tu not bad ek. lg bagus drpd celcom 3+1.

marila contohi stab..

Anonymous said...

satu lagi post mantap dr stab!
stab aku mengkagumimu~~

Anonymous said...

life is about learning from the past, appreciating the present and planning for the future..

thnx for such a reminiscent piece of words... =)

Anonymous said...

weh stab..
lama x dgr citer..
blah la ko..

Anonymous said...

anda telah di tag!
pandai2 la yek..