Saturday, July 4, 2009

My bad.......

Assalam is one of my preferred word because Jibril used to send his regard to Aisyah through Muhammad S.A.W, our prophet with the word: "Assalam". Therefore once again,

Assalam dear readers,

Actually, I'm aware that this blog has been over-excessively too inactive and unresponsive at all since the last sem. I always wished that I would stop by to drop something here by no time but it seemed to be unreal somehow since I was extremely lazy back then. So lazy and sluggish to write what spinned about in my head and keep waiting for virtual spell-it-out machine which could write for me-none till now thank god. WOW! I'd turned into a lazy maniac now who keept wishing that the time would stop even for a couple of blinking giving him some space to rest-crazy me. Being drowsy lazy SNORLEX for this recent entire sem really makes me looked very appalling. I'm currently feeling like deriding myself in front of the mirror. I hope I'll find no mirror by the time I successfully post this rubbish sheet-at least there's a rubbish to drop by would be o.k. right? :)

I'd gained lots of events to share indeed. But I just had too much to tell and so I anticipated it to be too lengthy then that I decided not to post at all. Huhu. But tonight at 2.23 a.m, apparently I don't have anything meaningful to post, yet getting extra energy out of nowhere forcing these fingers to keep fiddling about this keypad. Oh, I looked so pathetic perhaps this time but still I want to share tonight experience of reading through an atheist's freethinking idea via his own secretly established website-it was hoped that none of his family members would be able to find it yet got revealed anyhow after a quite long time being locked in the safety box.

I'm still shocked with his revealing testimony about his momentous fight for his right to choose whether to believe in Allah(whom he used to pray to since his childhood yet got deviated somehow at an unpredicted turning point in his life) or not, in a way that he still respects other muslim's and other religion believers' practices but desperately seeking his own right and perspective to be accepted and respected. Nauzubillahiminzalik.

I'm not sure whether his path was too feeble to reach the truth or too massively endowed with knowledges and theories that caused him to make the decision to turn away from Islam in the end. In my view, his arguments were too solid to be blunted while our friends' one were quite shallow to surpass his absolute killing principle-which he believes in no god that we used to believe in and that makes our god ordains were strictly too far to be accepted by him. It's just all about agnostic and atheism which we'd always prayed to be saved from before,now and forever. InsyaAllah.

It's not his issue that I want to highlight but just look at how had he emboldened me-indirectly-to post something tonight. It's a miracle-a fabulous one to get me writing again. Maybe some of the readers here had lost his/her interest in following this blog series and I'm not forcing anyone to read though, but it's just something I'd liked everyone to know that it's not an easy task to write for we're responsible on each and every single post we made throughout this life. These will also be the evidence to drag us head over heels to hell if we're denying the truth and thrusting forward empty shits as a menu to serve the taste of the readers.

Being aware of how well presented our 'enemies'* pieces of very promising good-for-nothing ideas and just how good they were at swinging about their ruthless swords of sharp wordy thoughts, I would feel ashamed of myself for not continually pouring on some gifted knowledges on this piece of space which could benefit my own brothers and sisters for the sake of a more real islamic-oriented understanding and approaches in da'awah.

*enemies-I choose this word because Allah used to warn us that Al-kafirin is 'aduwwallahi wa'aduwwakum in His holy Quran with the meaning that they(kuffar) are Allah's enemies and your(muslims') enemies too.

Jazakumullah for reading. Till then.



sang penila rama said...

saya kenal lelaki tu
firdaus or firdy kan?
if im not mistaken la

Anonymous said...


ak tertanya-tanya... ko g mane snanya r?

-syzwan adzhar-

Anonymous said...

maksud ak smbung blaja..