Sunday, February 14, 2010

2010 updates....

Salam dear readers....

I'm not sure whether there are still followers of this blog since it has been abandoned for at least half a year. wow!!! but today, I feel like posting something. actually, I haven't had my bath yet and the time now is 12.30. but, it's just me that can't do anything else if my head as if is about to blow with words and tragedies. Wahhh, this blog seems to be rusty. Is it still alive?? helllooo.. ohhh, it still barks.. bark?? a dog barks.. whatever.. hmm, perhaps it's better for me to introduce slight changes to my way of writing, isn't it? let's make this blog simpler yet vibrant with colourful stories and sharing. :)

yesterday, my mom asked us, the whole family to attend a forum by Dr Asri. it is not an obligation actually. but that custom of attending any beneficial talk has oozed in the whole community of Taman Melewar especially. can u imagine in one day, my parents go to an average of two religious talks!!! (I'm not included..) the neighbourhood here seems to be lost in ecstacy of finding knowledge and knowledge everyday. everyone is talking about this sunnah, that hadith, this ibadah and that JAIS. opss.. what an ideal society I wish to live in! oh oh.. this story deviates too much..

back to dr asri forum.
upon reaching there, we were quite puzzled. everyone looks like politicians, dato and datin, and any kind of superior figure U can name. "does this looks like there will be a religious forum here?", a famous question appears. I can barely see women with scarf, yet most of the men wore songkok. marriage ceremony?? my mom confirmed the event and the venue by asking one of the datin-look-alike. she replied yes! oh, we then just entered the hall. waiting for about half an hour, then Dr Asri arrived. but there was no announcement made regarding his coming. the tragedy doesn't come yet!

the man of the ceremony still didn't show up but the forum started as planned on time. once the forum was about to start, I look around. the majority of the audience was women! and makcik-makcik corporate I guess. I skimmed through the pamphlets and the books given. haha. the title of the forum was 'peranan wanita wirawati wiranita and apebenda tah dalam perjuangan menegakkan.....ntah..agama bangsa kot'. for one thing I was sure, there was a book entitled 1 Malaysia given along. oooooo. political talk?? hmm, I mustered a dissatisfaction. and I texted Haqq.. (Haqq likes politic..haha).. but wait! the amusement hasn't started yet. I intrigued to listen to how Dr Asri would respond and elaborate the title. and it wasn't definitely a forum!! Dr Asri was the only panel.

15 minutes..
girls and women...stories about aisyah and so on..

30 minutes..
women roles...

1 hour..
I didn't fall asleep!! What a magic!! :) Dr Asri was so great in delivering his thoughts. I didn't expect that much from him but it turned out well. In my sight, I might say that the event was a part of UMNO programs. though, Dr Asri presence appeared to dominate the air by making the event neutral and free from any political spectrum. That was fun. I hate politics. :)

oh, I forgot to tell about the tragedy. it is also a sunnah. a coincidence perhaps to practice what the Melewar and other muslim communities have been learning through all this time. when the honoured man arrive in the middle of the forum, quite half of the audiences rose as a token of respect. I was quite panicked and doubtful whether to join the half or remained seated. I did learn that we, muslims can't rise when honourable figures arrive as a respect because human are all the same. the utmost respect is solely for Allah. but it was a relief because the strength of the audiences is balanced by the other half remained seated. huhu. Sunnah survived. the honoured man shook the hands of my father who sat in the corner of the row while my father was still sitting!! Don't u think that u'll be imprisoned if u were in the historical times like what had happened to ibnu taimiyah, imam malik and so on just to defend the truth and fact??? waahhhh... the world is crawling from its darkness I guess... :)

One more thing, during the forum, there was a chinese muslim asking about the infringement of power and roles by ulama' rather than politicians in running the country. Dr asri simply replied that there are 3 kinds of ulama' : 1)those who always praise what politicians do 2)those who always critics what leaders do 3)those who think forward and assist umara' in managing the citizens and provide them with advices and knowledge. :) He also suggested that UMNO should create an ulama' body consisting of the latter kind of ulama' who think forward critically in order to strengthen its organisation. His principle of advocating the people to choose ulama' not basing on 'colours of party' but their mind, was really inspiring and solid. cool !!! will there be the time when I can be such resolute and determined in sticking to the truth?. I wonder.......

This sharing is too long I guess but I just can't stop this hand from pouring what has been swirling around my head since yesterday. next time, I may tell shorter version of story that is not too lengthy and elaborated. thanks for reading and don't forget to smile today!!! :)

'one smile is a sadaqah'



mariam zafirah said...

salam naufal. :
finally, an entry.long overdue. :D
great to see you writing again. :)
em bout the whole -we cant stand up to honour VIPs coz that is only reserved for Allah swt- issue.
can you elaborate a bit more. :)

Haq Mohaidin said...

nice ah stab =)

Stabilo Soleh said...

wslm mariam..
actually mmg jelas kite xboleh beri penghormatan yg mlampau kat manusia sprti firaun yg mane hamba2nya bangun apabila die hadir..

tapi ade satu hadith wail bin hujr ni kalau xsilap..masa itu ade seorang pemimpin ni(sori xingat nama..pliz rujuk balik) die cedera baru balik perang..dan rasulullah kate 'quumu ila...'

dlm bhsa mlayu quumu maksudnye berdirilah..tapi ulama dgn lebih tepat mntafsirkan bukan berdiri,tapi bangun dan pergi kepada pemimpin kamu sbb masa tu die cedera..

so,mmg jelas hukum berdiri menghormati VIP xboleh..kecuali kalau terpaksa yg mana you'll be threatened klu xbuat,then bangunlah tapi dengan perasaan benci terhadap perbuatan tu..sesungguhnya allah maha mengetahui..:)

to haq:
aku femeskan kau..
upah tumpang air kat fridge okay??

mariam zafirah said...

thank you naufal. :D
really appreciate this. :)

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