Monday, March 9, 2009

Miracle of late piggy and monkey.....

Assalamualaikum dear brothers and sisters. May God bless the readers of the truth who always spare the time finding the source of admonition to rekindle their spirit of jihad from time to time(I don’t include my writing as the ‘truth’ ok! It’s just my prayer for you…=p). It has been so long that this blog’s voice hasn’t been heard to deliver the messages. The one who is responsible for this abandonment is me myself who has been carried away by the spectrum of ignorance.

Oh, speaking about ignorance, I recalled one of our prophet’s hadith about the signs of the Dooms Day. For simplicity, since this was written at 1.12 am, let me just proceed with the general meaning of the content. Our Prophet Muhammad has portrayed part of the human in the end of the world age as to be like monkeys and pigs. This clearly has got nothing to do with the physical attributes of the mankind himself, but it merely resembles the depiction that was tried to be conveyed about their behaviours which they exhibit to the rest of the world community entirely.

Why have the words monkeys and pigs been choosen? Aren’t they too harsh and derisive towards the believers themselves? Wait! Who says our Prophet was talking about the believers? The promises which had been made by Allah and his Apostle about the goodness which will be received by the believers always remain as a guarantee that they will be safe hereafter. The depiction of those detested animals only constitutes those who are not choosing the already-existed way of life that is always being taught and reminded by the messenger in the Quran and his hadith.

Monkeys are always playful monkeys regardless how cute they are from your own personal view. Today, we are not trying to insult the monkey since it is one of the creature as well. However, their playful attribute is becoming our topic of discussion because this has diffused into the souls of us which cause Moslems to become an insulted community from the point of view of the non-believers. Yes, being teasers and joke breakers are not the main problem. Yet, during the session of critical and serious discussion of religious study, ceaseless efforts are tried to make the topic as a material to collapse others into convulsion. The seriousness that we lack in has severed and this will continually weaken us and surely tarnish the sacred image of this lovely ad-din bit by bit.

Is there any of you who rear pigs? Of course no one will raise his hand for sure because none of their parents would get the source of income from selling those pinkish animals. At least, for one thing that we could realize is pigs are the epitome of ignorance. If you walk across their group, each will just neglect your presence unless you deliberately bully them, then just don’t hope for a second life chance free from pigs ok!

Hmm, what is obvious nowadays is that people don’t seem to have a keen on the global crisis that seize our neighbouring countries, Palestine, Iraq, Acheh and others which their citizens suffocate every single moment hoping for the miraculous helping hand from their own relatives of Islam. While we are complaining about the trivial matters and wasting as many as we can, they are equipped with tears and blood waiting and praying for the return which no one would know how long would it need to reach them. Although donations and collections are claimed to be given from vast branches, they're still not enough to wipe their bloodshed away from their own piece of land which they are protecting for from yahudi laknatullah. We won't feel their misery until we taste by our own tongue the sweat and blood of jihad against the enemy of God.

Oppsss, too long la my friend. Actually, I just plan to write a brief piece tonight, but for no reason would I realize that this has dragged so much. Anyhow, I hope that this single piece about a very simple advice will become a mirror for us to reflect ourselves. My ignorance to this medium of daawah reminded me back about a long time ago kuliah which I heard about the hadith of depicting the late ummah as pigs and monkeys. Whether the hadith is genuine or not, would be my pleasure to confirm it back later, but for one thing that we can take is that the reality which lies within this message is undeniable. So, think about it dear ulil albab.

Wassalam and jazakallahu khoir.....

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